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General Medicine 5th year

Dear Students,

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  • Topics for the exam of the 5th year English-speaking medical students from 2015/2016 semester

  • Assessment and Diagnosis of Abdominal Masses (& Pain) in Childhood Chronic cough My daughter does not develop properly… Case report „Café-au-lait”- Spots VASCULITIS IN CHILDHOOD „Eosinophil” Kevin Tuberous sclerosis Headache Case report Paediatric Rheumatology Precocious puberty A case Case report for V. grade students 14 years old girl pain in the leg CASE REPORT hematology Strange jerks in

  • Topics for Diplomawork Theses in pediatrics for 6th year medical students

  • The care of newborn babies Formulas FLUID THERAPY Interpretation of laboratory values Nefrology Physical parametersf Pediatric and Infant Neurologic Examination Practical considerations of fever alleviation and acute convulsion Pediatric radiology Pediatric history and physical examination Anemias ABCDE Diagnostic methods of gastroenterology Hematological investigations Neurological examination Acid-Base Physiology Pediatric radiology PEDIATRIC RHEUMATOLOGY – MEDICAL HISTORY AND

  • Downloadable lectures: Prof. Fekete, Gyorgy – 04.02.2009

  • Diploma Work Topics Download topic list from here! Consultation Place: Club room          (Building 7, 3rd floor) VIth year practice : 8 weeks (AOGY2GYESRA) The basic goal of the practice in pediatrics is to get a good general knowledge and aquire basic skills of a general practitioner. Managing patients under the supervision of a specialist, which

  • Practical lessons for english speaking medical students – Link

  • Lectures in paediatrics for 5th grade medical students NEW 2017/2018. 2nd Semester Tuesday 13.40 am – 15.20 pm Location: 2nd Department of Pediatrics, Lecture Hall (entrance: Angyal str. 39.) 1 Feb 06 Infectious Diseases of Childhood Immunization. Antibiotic Therapy in Pediatrics György Fekete 2 Feb 13 Surgical Diseases of Childhood Acture and Recurrent Abdominal Pain